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Casio Watches History
The Casio watches you see today were not started by a watch or even a jewelry company which is truly amazing for the quality and innovative styles of Casio watches you see today. In 1946, Casio was established with Tadio Kashio as the leader of this industrious company. During this time, Japan was in the middle of World War II, the situation financially of Japan like other European countries was grim. At the time when Mr. Kashio began his company, he was in hopes of making it big and he did just that with the development of the yubiwa pipe.
The yubiwa pipe was an ingenious invention of the louis vuitton bags time allowing a smoker the ability to have both hands free while cheap toms shoes holding a cigarette in the pipe that was attached to the finger. This allowed more freedom for smokers. This may seem like a trivial invention, however, cigarettes were one of the largest sellers of the time and this invention sold fast.
Today, you may not find a yubiwa pipe anywhere in the world, however, the name Casio is still on the tongue of people everywhere. Today, they manufacture many different items including innovative watches that are just as popular today as the yubiwa pipe was during World War II.
First, came the calculator in 1954 and shortly branched off with their Casio Computer Co., Inc. This is when they began working on creating watches. Casio was the first watch company to create the quartz crystal watches. From then until now, their creations have changed the way in which consumers view watches. The new excitement in functions and designs has made watches a necessary part of our every day attire. Their unique calculators were added to their famous watch and before long, other companies were following in their footsteps.
The Casio watches had and still have many unique functions beside the calculator such as the different time zones, the temperature, barometric pressure, and so on and so forth. For all those gadget lovers, Casio had created a huge seller even for those that just wanted to have the latest and most advanced watch in the world.
Today, you can find a large variety of Casio watches with all the features and michael kors outlet styles you might expect from a leader in the industry. A few of michael kors iphone case the most popular styles of lululemon outlet Casio watches for men includes the G-Shock Blue Dual Function, the G-Shock Radio Controlled Solar, the 10-year Lithium Battery, the Extended Battery Life, the ProTrek Wave Ceptor, the Speed-Measuring, and the Illuminator Combination
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